A Complete Global Disinfection System

By utilizing UVC light and low concentrations of ozone, we have developed a revolutionary no-contact global disinfection system. Our technologies, used independently or in tandem, have shown the capability to nearly eliminate fungi, bacteria, and viruses from environments in the air and on surfaces.

By combining cutting edge methods for more coverage, we make medical facilities safer from Healthcare Acquired Infections and prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other illnesses. In fact, our system vastly outperforms traditional chemical cleaning, even reaching shadowed areas and areas of low exposure.
Boy in Hospital (HAI)
Electromagnetic Spectrum

Improved Light-Based Disinfection Using UVC

Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (or UVGI) projected at a wavelength of 254 nm has been universally accepted to be the most effective light treatment in the electromagnetic spectrum. These rays are harmful to bacteria and viruses, both on surfaces and in the air, because they inactivate microorganisms and take away their ability to reproduce. By causing photochemical shifts in their nucleating acids (both RNA and DNA) they make it impossible for microorganisms to infect new people.

Disinfecting with UVC light is a process that requires precision. To kill viruses and bacteria takes a combination of the right wavelengths (254 nm) along with the correct intensity of that light, as measured by energy output and time of exposure.

UVC Disinfection Is About Precision.
More Light Isn’t Always Better!

When using laser technology to disinfect medical rooms, the goal is to destroy specific types of organisms with the right wavelengths (in this instance, 254 nm). A certain amount of power is required to make this process work, but increasing output or targeting additional wavelengths may not lead to improved results. In fact, our lasers are specifically designed to be as efficient as possible without introducing risks. We want to disinfect areas while avoiding other side effects.

These details are important to recognize because there are major differences between various UVC disinfection devices and manufacturers. Some models may not generate sufficient power to allow for effective treatment and disinfection. Although they may cost less than our devices, they may not be designed or configured to combat viruses such as COVID-19. Our products feature high-performance lamps that deliver energy levels consistent with those recommended in major academic studies and international publications.

The UV light generated has been shown capable of eliminating target microorganisms in a space up to 600 ft.² in only six minutes.

Disinfect Medical Rooms & Hospitals
The 254 nm wavelength has been demonstrated as the most effective for germicidal use in the electromagnetic spectrum, and is particularly useful when targeting COVID-19, SARS-CoV, and MERS-CoV. Don’t accept unproven substitutes.

Efficiency and Effectiveness

Our products feature 15 high-performance lamps manufactured in Europe. They disinfect larger areas in less time than competing devices. They are the ultimate choice for any facility that wants to reduce the spread of infection, and particularly COVID-19.

Simple Safety Signals

Green, amber, and red lights tell you whether a room is safe to enter. In addition, motion detectors on our devices automatically stop operation if the process is interrupted. Integrated apps monitor and report operation in real-time, with manual controls located on the front of the unit for redundancy. There are even ozone detectors that give continuous readings.

HAIs Increase Hospital Costs

Easy-to-Use Functionality

Controlling our device is easy with an intuitive tablet interface that automatically calculates accurate operating times and dosages based on a room size, thus taking away the risk of human error. The tablet also shows cycle times, safety warnings, and other reports related to device operation.

Designed for the Real-World

We have combined cutting-edge disinfecting technology with smart engineering. Our devices offer superior performance relative to maximum energy exposure targets, allowing for a compact design that is easy to move and store. Products are available for 110V and 220V configurations to meet your needs.

Using Ozone to Complete the Disinfection Process

Ozone has long been recognized for its power to destroy and deactivate pathogenic organisms, thus preventing the spread of waterborne diseases. When used, it destroys cell walls, leading to the leakage of cellular constituents and damage to nucleic acids (purines and pyrimidines).

In low concentrations, ozone can also be a powerful disinfectant against airborne viruses. It has proven viricidal properties and can decontaminate and deodorize the air within a room at the same time. Some studies have even demonstrated the effectiveness of low concentration ozone treatments for MNV-1 and MS-2, acknowledged as a model for the norovirus. That makes ozone particularly well-suited for disinfection within hospital environments.

Ozone brings two major benefits to these types of settings:

  1. Ozone can disinfect the area of contaminants and pollutants through the oxidation process, thereby destroying microorganisms suspended on surfaces.
  2. Ozone can eliminate odors in the air by oxidation.
Ozone Molecule

User-Friendly Device Control

It isn’t enough to come up with a cutting-edge technology. If you want it to be widely implemented to its maximum benefit, it has to be easy to use. We know that germicidal effectiveness comes from accurate dosing of both UVC and ozone, which is why we have a simple platform for control that is simple to learn and follow.

The COMVAT DUO3 tablet ensures that your spaces will be disinfected, without any user error, by automatically calculating the exact dosages required based on the dimensions of the room. Just start the device, follow the simple on-screen guides, and reduce infections.

UVC Technology Has Been Proven to Neutralize COVID-19
UVC light has been shown to deactivate SARS-CoV, MERS-CoV, and COVID-19, as well as C. diff, MRSA, VRE, and other MDROs.


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